Frequently Asked Questions

If the water is slow due to your inlet valve being clogged from sediment, you’ll need to clean the screen before installing our filter. See your owner’s manual or visit a slow filling washer, for cleaning instructions. Our filter will eliminate future buildup on the screen.

It’s hard to say – new wells have a lot of sediment until they settle. Our experience shows that a whole house filter helps, but doesn’t prevent the sediment buildup, as the smaller particles get through and coat the screen.

Try turning on your hot water only to see if this problem still exists. If it doesn’t it most likely is coming from a clogged valve screen which is restricting the cold water flow. You’ll need to clean the screen. Installing our filter will prevent this from re-occurring.

Our suggestion is to change the cartridge every 2-3 months for new wells, 3-6 months for an existing well without a whole house filter and every 6 months on public water or homes with a filtration system. This may vary depending on the contamination of your water source. To change the cartridge, simply unscrew the middle of the housing, remove the old and replace with the pull tab facing the washer. Complete instructions are on the packaging.

Could be several things. Your hot water temperature might be set too high. Is the hot water too hot in other areas of your home? It could also be a clogged inlet valve screen on your washer, which restricts the cold water intake. This would allow more hot water to fill and distort the mix. Try putting the water on all cold and see if you have a good flow. If not, you’ll need to clean the screen of existing sediment. Installing our filter will prevent this from re-clogging.

No, you need to disconnect the hose from the faucet on the initial installation. Attach the filter directly to the cold water faucet and attach the hose, as pictured on the package. When changing the cartridge, unscrew the middle of the filter housing, remove the old, replace with the new and screw back together. It’s very easy and simple to change.

The exposed screen basket is designed to trap only the larger sediment. Inside the filter cartridge is a layered filtration material ranging from 200 micron to 25 micron, which traps the smaller sediment. Over time, this material will become impacted and imbedded with dirt and grit, which is exactly what’s it’s designed to do. It won’t be effective if you try to clean and re-use.