Since I installed the filter my washing machine has not had any problems with the water supply.
Marco, East Stroudsburg, PA.
The filter was easy to install and made it easy to clean up deposits without having to move the washing machine away from the wall.
Gordon, Morganton, NC
I tested your inline water filter for Handy Man test panel. I had the filter in line for over 3 months. I was amazed at the amount of sediment the filter trapped. We have a filter/softener installed in our water service. It is supposed to remove all foreign material from the water. The inline filter still found more sediment in the water for the washer. I would recommend this item for anyone for their inlet line to the washer.
Howard, Alden NY
I have installed one of your filters on my washing machine and have enjoyed not having to move everything in the laundry room to get to the washer filter screen. I attached the filter right to the cold water faucet.
David Randall, Greenville, FL
I would recommend to a friend. Nice. Good Luck.
Ray, Mebane, NC
We recently had a problem with a clogged inlet valve screen. My husband tried to clean it and ended up replacing the whole unit, which cost about $80.00. A friend of mine told me about your filter. What a great idea! Just wanted to say thanks. I don’t want to go through that again.
Customer, Gibsonville, NC
I’m on a well that has a lot of sediment. It’s been a lot easier changing the filter cartridge than pulling out the machine to clean the screen. Thanks for making this product available.
Barry, Greenville, SC
My son used to have to come over and clean the washing machine screen when the cold water stopped. He bought one of your filters from a local hardware store and installed it. It’s been months and the water is still running good. I could probably change the cartridge myself, but think I’ll call him. I miss his visits.
Eva, Swepsonville, NC